Enter the Dragon

As much as I was dreading the backstitching on Celtic Welcome it has in fact been far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.  It makes such a huge difference to the look of the piece that I can’t wait to get back to it every evening.  So far I have finished all the cross stitch on both dragons, and have made very good progress on the backstitching on Gwyn.

30th January 2010

Some more pics, with a little dragon visitor who seems a bit confused LOL

I also made a small amount of progress this week on L’Automne, by the time I eat my lunch and get my stitching out I probably get about half an hours stitching each lunch hour, so quite slow progress on this one but even slow progress is better than none!

30th January 2010

Please excuse the shadows on this pic, but it does show the rest of the gorgeous colours that are used in this design.

We had a sprinkling of snow overnight here and it’s absolutely freezing cold – the perfect excuse to stay in and stitch this afternoon!  I’ve done all the housework, the washing machine is taking care of Phill’s socks, although sometimes I think an incinerator would work better LOL, and I made a very run to the Post Office this morning to send off the last batch of ebay sales so I think I’ll reward myself with some more backstitching.

A big thank you to everyone who visits my blog, all your comments are very much appreciated.  If you visit but don’t usually comment – it would great to hear from you!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Enter the Dragon

  1. You are well ahead of me now with your backstitching which I must say looks fabulous. As you enjoy it so much maybe you can finish off mine as it looks quite pathetic lol I am going to stitch like mad this evening to try and make some progress. Watch for my progress post!

  2. Wow that Celtic Welcome is just fantastic (love dragons) I’ve never seen it before! And the colorus are so delectable with your lunchtime piece!!!

  3. I have to say I’m not big on dragons, but I’m enjoying watching this pair come to life! The backstitching really makes a difference.

  4. Those dragons are really coming to life with the back stitching, what a difference it makes, wonderful!

    I love your L’Automne start, the colours are just beautiful, i do love autumn colours.

    Been cold here too today although the sun did come out for a while. Late yesterday afternoon we had a smattering of snow but only for 15 minutes or so.

    Isn’t it great feeling when all the housework is done and you can just sit and stitch? hope you managed to plenty of those little x’s in!

  5. Forgot to say.. thanks for the tip off about the Philippa Gregory books in Asda, i managed to get two of the Wildacre trilogy books (couldn’t find the 3rd) and Mark managed to pick up 3 of the series that he is reading. Absolute bargain!!

    cheers 🙂

  6. oh wow – amazing what back stitch does to bring so much detail – really great progress on those Celtic dragons ! and off to see if Sheila has posted a photo ^^

  7. Your dragons are really coming alive, Sandra…It will be a striking piece when you’re all finished up! That little dragon sitting there watching the other two looks like he doesn’t quite know what to make of these new visitors!

  8. I know how you feel Sandra – I hate backstitching but the dragons look wonderful. The colours on L’Automne look great too, looking forward to seeing more progress.

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