Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on Celtic Welcome.  I am going to take it to be framed this week and hopefully should  have it hanging in the hallway of our home very soon.

Since finishing Celtic Welcome I haven’t done much stitching at all.  I really couldn’t decide what I wanted to stitch on.  I fancied a new start, but talked myself out of that as I’ve quite a few things I would like to get finished.  I dabbled about with Cirque des Carreaux, then picked up Ribbon Sampler but really wasn’t in the mood for either of them for some reason.  I tried Carol Singers but I tend to stitch on that at weekends when I can stitch during the daytime as I need good light for that design.

However, my mind was made up for me today with the arrival of the third LHN SAL  ornament – He’s a Flake.  This is such a cute little design, I’ve already started on it this evening and hopefully by the time I finish it one of my WIPs will have caught my attention again.

I’ve been wasting a little time this week playing around with my blog template, the few templates I’ve tried so far have made all of my photographs get chopped around a bit, so if you do visit and have trouble seeing my photographs in full I’d be very grateful if you could leave a comment to let me know.  It looks like I may have to edit all the photographs to shrink them down a little to make other templates work, which sounds like a lot of hard work to me LOL.

On the non stitching front from next week I am back to full time employment, having only worked four days a week for the last few years (apart from the odd week where I’ve covered for holidays on my day off).  I am used to having a three day weekend (Monday being my day off) so I think for the next few weeks I’m going to be shattered!


8 thoughts on “Update.

  1. Sandra, your dragons are just spectacular! I am really looking forward to seeing them finished!
    I know what you mean by losing momentum for WIPs. I am still toying whether to go on with my Country Garden quilt, or pick up something else.

  2. I feel I am missing out as every body but every body is stitching these monthly LHN smalls, but I have so much on the go it would be sinful to start anything else…… of course that does not include Grand Marquoir! Nor the Lavender in Pot that I bought on ebay after yours went to some one else and of course there is the Just Nan which I did buy from you not to mention ??? well you know how stash can grow… but yours will be lovely.
    Happy Stitching

    Chris x
    PS I shall be interested to see how this new blog works for you.

  3. Sandra, your happy dance is gorgeous! Go gently on yourself with the full time paid work. Don’t expect to do everything that you do now. Prioritise – food shopping, stitching or housework? food shopping, stitching or housework? No doubt you will do brilliantly. I saw my house with fresh eyes after 7 weeks away. I can’t say that this drama queen did anything other than work, walk the dogs and sleep. LOL

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