New look and weekend update

I’ve been playing around with my blog template a little this weekend, I wanted to make my blog a little more personal to me, so I have made a banner across the top of my blog showing some of my favourite finishes of last year.  I’m still tinkering a little so I’m sorry if things look a little wonky at the moment, please bear with me and I will get it sorted eventually.  If you have any problems viewing my blog I’d be really grateful to hear from you.

I’ve been carrying on with my lunchtime stitching on L’Automne this week, and trying to resist the temptation of stitching on it in the evenings too.  Here’s where I’m up to so far.

I spent the start of this week dithering a little over what to stitch next whilst waiting for March 1st and the start of the Bramble and the Rose SAL.  My mind was made up by the arrival of the chart for next ornament in the LHN SAL, called He’s A Flake.  This one is my favourite to date.  Stitched on Smokey Pearl Belfast linen using DMC threads.  (sorry for the terrible photo).

I’ve joined an exchange I saw on Becky’s blog last week, which is a Pin Pillow exchange.    I received my partner’s name yesterday, so had a sneaky look at her blog, and through her wish list and I’ve picked a design which she has said she likes, which I’ve seen on a few other blogs and which I wouldn’t mind stitching  for myself some day too.  I’ve ordered the chart and as soon as that arrives I will make a start on it, but won’t be able to post any pictures – just in case.  The posting date is not until 1st April but I’m planning on starting it asap so that if I have a finishing disaster I have time to stitch it again if needs be LOL.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, it really does go to quickly for my liking, but I’m planning on a very lazy evening as Phill is going to an open mike night where he plays pedal steel guitar, the perfect excuse to have an evening stitching on Carol Singers I think!

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13 thoughts on “New look and weekend update

  1. Sandra, love your progress on L’Automne. I think this is one I’d like to stitch. The new look of your blog is great. I need to try something like your banner on my blog. Just starting my ‘Flake’, isn’t he fun!!! Please tell me more about the Bramble and the Rose SAL. I’d love to join.

  2. He’s A Flake is so cute! how are you going to finish him?
    My LNS won”t have mine in until the weekend, the Pear Tree & Hes a Flake will both arrive on the same shipment.

    BTW, I love your new look blog, your personalised header is lovely:-)

  3. yep I like your new layout – and love the little mini photos of past projects at the top ^^
    your He’s a Flake looks like it’ll be finished soon, and looking forward to seeing the finished ornament.

  4. L’automne is looking good.
    I’m not so keen on this one, i prefer the other two.
    Nice to see the owl at the top, he was one of my favourites you stitched last year.

  5. Oooh you’re being so strict only allowing yourself to work on your lunchtime project at lunch! I et its a great stitch! Flake looks great… boy he’s a flake! LOL!

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