TUSAL and new stash

A couple of days late, as usual, but here’s this months update of the TUSAL.    If you want to join in click here to all the info.

A pretty mixed bag in there at the moment, there’s lots of green in there from Celtic Dragon,   some red from Ribbon Sampler and I have absolutely no idea         where the blue thread at the top came from but I found it stuck to my trousers this morning 🙂

In the background you can just about see a little treat that arrived today.  As a small reward for working an extra day a week I decided to have a look around for a Fabric of the Month to join.  I sold quite a lot of fabric on Ebay recently as my tastes have changed over the years and I now enjoy more neutral tones.  After a few hours browsing around the web I decided to join a Fabric of the Month through Traditional Stitches.  I chose to receive two pieces of 13×18 Lakeside Linen each month.  The first two pieces arrived today and I am delighted with them both.

On the left is Vintage Clay Pot, on the right is Meadow Rue.  Meadow Rue has immediately been snagged for LHN Home of a Needleworker which I bought the threads for last week from Polstitches.  I’ve been having a great time spending some of my Ebay earnings recently, I have ordered the fabric for LHN The Library together with a few charts from Wasatch Needlecraft, a chart for the Pin Pillow exchange, which is now on the way, and ALMOST ordered Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow until I came to my senses and realised that I already have too much stitching planned for the next few months LOL.


11 thoughts on “TUSAL and new stash

  1. Stocking up after a clearout, lol, i like it 🙂

    I like the frame you got for Home of a Needleworker, it goes great with the design, you’re brave to have a go at framing, mine would deffo be wonky if i had a go!

  2. Lovley colours for your new fabric. Your jar is filling up nicely, these threads get everywhere, last week i rescued one off the bathroom floor!!!

  3. Luscious fabrics… what’s wrong with getting rid of stash, to buy more stash?

    I gave away and sold scads of quilting fabric last year primarily because my tastes have changed and I’d never use it and felt guilty about it just sitting there being unloved, and I was overwhelmed with stuff.

    Since have almost filled those empty shelves with fabric that suits my tastes now! Will probably go through the same process again 5 years from now.

    By the way, have finally finished South Seas Lace – picture on the blog!

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