Back in the land of the living

After feeling completely rotten for the last five days, today I’ve been pottering around the house a little and even though my legs are still a bit wobbly I’m feeling a lot better and definitely a few pounds lighter! Thank you all for the good wishes!

I have managed to get a little stitching done, though not as much as I’d like considering that I’ve been off work for four whole days, but I was only able to stitch in very short bursts and my concentration levels have been almost nil. However, I have made a start on two new projects – Lale, and The Bramble and the Rose. Apologies in advance for all the photos in this post, as I said, I am still a little wobbly LOL

First Lale, this is the black and gold SAL with Sheila using a free chart from Pelin Tezer. The chart downloads as one half of the design only, and as it’s a symmetrical design you just turn the chart around and stitch it again for the other half. However, neither Sheila or I realised that the very centre line on the chart is only supposed to be stitched on one half, so there was a lot of frogging on both our parts 😦 This one stitches up really quickly, especially second time around 😉


Secondly, The Bramble and the Rose. I am thrilled with the way this is looking so far. The dark blue colour looks fabulous against the white fabric and this will look so good in my craft room. Again, this is another design which stitches up very quickly and I really don’t want to stop.


That’s all from me today, I think I’ve worn myself out and I need another nap LOL.


8 thoughts on “Back in the land of the living

  1. good to hear you’re feeling a bit better^^ and great progess on both Lale and B&R.
    I haven’t begun mine yet (after all the anticipation of waiting, I keep putting it off because in a way I’m “afraid” to begin ^^). Hopefully will stitch on it tomorrow and post photos for the weekend. Véronique has already sent me her first photo and it looks lovely in her chosen colour !

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better Sandra. I’ve started my B&R tonight – mine is also dark blue. I will post a pic on my blog at the weekend.

  3. So glad you are on the mend! It’s always nice to lose a few pounds, but not in that way!

    Your stitching is lovely! I really like the dark blue on the white!

  4. Sandra, i ‘m glad you feel a little better & a little lighter, not a nice way to loose those lb’s though!

    Love your new starts 🙂 the gold on black looks great!

    Hope your back to your normal self next week x

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