Nothing to see!

Once again I have no stitching updates for you.

Last week Phill decided that as he had a little time off work he’d spend the time doing some work around the house.

What started off as a general freshen up of our office, with a lick of paint here and a new cupboard there has turned into a major project including knocking out a very large old fireplace, replacing the ceiling and completely stripping the wallpaper ready for redecoration.

The house is in a complete mess at the moment as the contents of our office are spread through the rest of the house and everything seems to have a layer of dust over it, no matter how many times I clean it!   Not the best conditions for stitching!

He’s hoping to have most of the messy work finished by the weekend so please keep your fingers crossed for me that things go to plan and I can at last pick up a needle at the weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Nothing to see!

  1. I love a man who does DIY… i dont love the mess that comes with it though! I hope you are soon back to normal and can have some relaxation time.

  2. oh I just hate it when the men’s DIY gets in the way of our stitching ! Mine’s the same, once he starts a new project he won’t stop until it’s finished and usually the entire family gets called on to help.

  3. Oh Sandra, I know just what you mean as we are in the same state at the moment, though mine is just new furnishings for my craft room, but it isnt till I emptied it that I realised just how much stuff I have.

  4. I know exactly what you mean Sandra – we’ve been in that state since before Christmas with no end in sight
    Hope you get back to stitching soon!

  5. Seems to come with spring, lol. But then, who doesn’t like a new look from time to time. I’m also in the mood of doing some major spring cleaning but have to wait for the next holidays to come as there isn’t enough time during a normal work week.
    Hopefully you wuill be back to stitching soon.

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