Not before time, I’d like to share a finish with you.  This chart was a gift from Claire for my birthday back in August.  I did make a counting error on it which sort of sapped my enthusiasm for a little while, not that I’ve much enthusiasm for any stitching recently, but I really do love this design so once I had re-stitched the part that I messed up the enthusiasm came back.

Jardin Prive - Eiffel Quaker
Design: Eiffel Quaker
Designer:  Jardin Prive
Finished:  13th November 2010
I’ve also been working on a Christmas Ornament for an exchange organised through The Gift of Stitching Forum, which I cannot share with you as it is a secret exchange.  I’ve finished the stitching and next weekend will work on putting the ornament together.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of finishing so I may stitch a back up ornament this week – just in case!
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