Ornament Exchange

Having not stitched much over the last few months I joined a Christmas ornament exchange on The Gift of Stitching forum, hoping that the process of finding something to stitch, choosing fabric, threads etc would kick start my enthusiasm for stitching again, and (fingers crossed) it seems to have worked.

I’ve finished my ornament and feel safe to show it here as I don’t think my exchange partner reads my blog and it is a secret exchange so even if she did she wouldn’t know it was for her.  I choose to stitch a design which was published in The Gift of Stitching Magazine, designed by Prairie Schooler.

I’ve also been working on LHN’s Home of a Needleworker, and should get this finished before Christmas I think.

23rd November 2010

I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who commented on my last post, after being away from blogging for so long I did think that no-one would bother visiting any more, so thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement, it really was most welcome!

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8 thoughts on “Ornament Exchange

  1. Love the ornie – it’s going to a lucky stitcher!! Home of a needleworker is looking brilliant too – hope you can keep your stitching mojo and make lots of progress!!

  2. Such a lovely ornament, lucky lady who will be receiving that one

    Home of the Needleworker is growing nicely, good news that the stitching mojo is returning, it seems to be happening with a lot of ladies now the cold/darker nights are with us

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