Celtic Mandala

Feeling very pleased with myself recently after a couple of quick finishes I went searching through my WIPs for something more challenging.  I spent a lovely afternoon going through my WIPs, some of which have been around a while.  As I was browsing I came across a Chatelaine Design, originally Mystery 10, but which is now called Celtic Garden Mandala.  Phill bought me the fabric for this design for my Christmas present in 2007, the first part of the chart was released on January 1st 2008 with a new part being released on the 1st of each month for the whole of 2008.  I kept up well with it for the first five months but part 5 was so intensive that I think I burned myself out on it.  I never did manage to catch up with the rest of the parts and sadly it was relegated to my WIP cupboard.

I know Chatelaine’s are not everyones cup of tea, they are absolutely massive designs with lots of speciality stitches, lots of metallic threads and literally thousands of beads, and they never look quite as good in pictures as they do in real life.   I have Mystery 6 (Evening in the Park) framed and hanging on the wall in my lounge and it looks absolutely stunning.

So, I decided that this was the WIP I would choose to work on.  I thought that I would have a hard job getting back in to stitching something so detailed, especially as most of the stitching I have done over the last couple of years has been quite a bit simpler, with a lot of monochrome designs, or designs with very few colours involved, but I have to say that I have enjoyed every stitch I have put in it over the last couple of weeks!

We’re in the middle of some terrible weather here in South Wales, as are most of the UK I think, and the five inches of snow we had last Friday shows no signs of melting.  According to the local news station we are due another four inches or so tomorrow, which is a little different to the BBC forecast at the moment, but I am really hoping that it misses us this time around.   I have too much to do before Christmas LOL.


8 thoughts on “Celtic Mandala

  1. Oh wow, Sandra, that is stunning! I absolutely love the colours and the fabric you’re stitching it on.

    We had snow Thursday and it hadn’t gone then yesterday we had more. It’s so cold!

  2. That Chatelaine is just gorgeous!!! I find after a bout of “simple” stitching there’s nothing I enjoy more than a complex project like a Teresa Wentzler or the like. The more complex, the happier I seem to be!

  3. Stunning WIP Sandra, i’m going to enjoy watching this one grow, i have seen some of these at the meet-up and i agree, you dont realise the work in them till you see them close up

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

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