Naughty cats

First day back at work on Tuesday and it was, as expected, extremely busy.  Not a lot had been done while I’d been off and of course everything now needed doing immediately!  I got in to work at 8am, left just before 6, feeling very tired after a lazy ten days off.  I called to my mum’s on the way home, then to the supermarket to buy a few bits to make a curry  and walked through the door at just about 7.30pm.  Phill was not home, having visited his mother, who hasn’t been very well,  straight after work.

I could see something on the floor of our dining room/office and when I switched the light on I was greeted by a whole lot of feathers and other pieces of a very unfortunate bird.  I’m not sure which of the cats had brought it through the cat flap but Mia did look extremely pleased with herself.  I know that this is a natural “cat thing” but YUCK!

I cleaned up the room, went through to the kitchen only to discover that the bird must have been well and truly alive when it was brought in and that there must have been a high speed chase going on, as the kitchen was a mess too, with things knocked over, and little splatters of bird poo all over the place.

After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen,  I more or less fell straight into bed.    We ended up having a couple of slices of toast instead of a delicious curry lol

Thankfully last night was very dull in comparison, and I managed to get a few stitches in before I got too tired.  I’m sure that I will quickly get used to working again and will be able to stitch for bit longer in the evenings.  Here’s my progress on Celtic Mandala so far


16 thoughts on “Naughty cats

  1. Oh, that poor bird! I’m glad that our two seem to have stopped doing that and we don’t have a cat flap, so that narrows down their options LOL. Celtic Mandala is looking amazing!

  2. lol….i’ll take bets it was Mia….check under your bed too! i’ve been trying to stitch for weeks but tomorrow I’ve got a clear day so hope to make a good start

  3. Oh! I can sooo relate to this!
    We have a woodstove, and my cats sit in front of it just waiting for some unsuspecting bird to find its way down the chimney!
    Even when I know the bird is in there, I still have to open the door to let the bird out. Then the race is on! They chase it all ove the house. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch it, other times well, not so lucky!
    They also bring things in through the cat door. The worst thing one of them brought in was a bat! OMG! I almost had heart failure!
    Wonderful little darlings aren’t they?!!

    • Funnily enough Erica we’ve had a bat too!! One of ours, Louis, used to bring in all sorts, spiders, moths, slugs – you name it he brought it in, even a live mouse which he dropped in the lounge and which we never managed to track down lol. The strangest thing he brought in was a baby’s dummy (pacifier) on the end of a blue ribbon – never managed to find out where he got it LOL

  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about the naughty cats. Our cat has brought in live birds and mice in his time, and usually chased them around the hallway. A couple of occasions we’ve managed to save them and release them thankfully.
    Great progress on your wip, I wish I had the discipline to stitch one at a time, but I get bored after about a week on something.

  5. CM looks just amazing Sandra!

    What a mess to come home to! Luckily my cats are not really hunters, to lazy, lol Molly did bring me a huge moth once, she carried it in as pleased as punch and put in down in the dining room, still with wings flapping! completly freaked me out as i have a very big phobia of moths!

    Love the new look blog by the way 🙂

  6. Not a nice thing to come home to Sandra, I’m sure the cat in question thought you would be delighted with your “gift”. CM is looking fabulous

  7. OMG, the Mandala is looking great. And what a progress you could make. For me it’s Monday when I have to go back to work, and right the first week we’ll be having a couple of meetings and conferences. It seems to be the same everywhere, lol. But after a week I’m usually re-accustomned and don’t drop dead tired on the sofa after dinner just to sleep, lol.

  8. Oh sounds very familiar, we have had birds in alive or not, One of the cats even brought in a small teddy? We have just started letting out our 5 month old kitten so I suspect it’ll get worse.

  9. Yeah getting back to work this week has been rough!

    Sorry to hear you had all that cleanup to do when you got home!!! I was lucky that Todd got home first the time hunter left bits of dead mouse all over the bathroom.

  10. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for your comment on my Rosewood Manor stitching, I love it!
    I think the fabric for my Celtic Lady was Silver Sage.. of course you living in Wales must be able to visit the shop… next time I go to visit my son who lives in Milford haven I might see how far it is to Polstitches.
    Happy Stitching… love the Chatelaine, I still have mine to start!
    Chris x

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