Hard to resist

If there’s one thing I find it hard to resist as a stitcher, it’s a Stitch A Long.  Even when I wasn’t stitching during the second half of last year just reading about a SAL on someones blog would send me running to my stash searching through threads and fabrics.  Claire, in particular, had many SALs last year that tempted me, but I managed to resist joining in as I knew that my stitching mojo had not fully returned and so I would end up with yet another unfinished WIP.  There is one SAL she is planning for later in the year that I do intend to join, for this design…

There’s just something about those cute little sheep, especially the black one LOL

However, I saw a recent thread on Needlecraft Haven about a Carriage House Samplings SAL which I found extremely hard to resist.  I have had  a CHS chart in my stash that I really do want to stitch, so I’ve signed up for the SAL which starts on 1st February.  This is the design I have in mind…

Molly - Carriage House Samplings

The SAL is fairly relaxed, we can stitch on our chosen design whenever we feel like and post a progress picture in the last week of the month.  I plan on spending one evening a week stitching on Molly and the rest of the time working on Celtic Garden Mandala.

I’ve also decided that this year I want to stitch some Christmas ornaments, so have been browsing through all of my JCS Ornament Editions and have made a list of the ones that I fancy stitching.   I’ve kitted up a couple to take to work with me so I can stitch on them during my lunch hour.  If things go to plan I should be able to stitch two a month – we’ll see how that pans out!

Unfortunately I don’t have a progress pic for you today, even though I have been working on Celtic Garden all week as the battery in my camera died before I could take a decent picture.  I’ll take one tomorrow evening.

This week we have Phill’s mum staying with us for a few days while she has her central heating boiler replaced, so I’m not sure how much stitching I will get done, but hopefully during the time she is here I can persuade her to give me sewing machine lessons as she used to work as a seamstress for many years making clothes, upholstery and all sorts.  I’m sure she won’t take too much persuading LOL

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9 thoughts on “Hard to resist

  1. lol glad to see you’ll be joining in SALs this year. Stitching wouldn’t be the same without them. Am in two minds about your new CHS . . . I love the colours and the cat but the rest isn’t quite my cup of tea ^^ that’s the wonderful thing about xstitch though, so many designs and some for every taste.
    And yes DO ask Phill’s Mum to show you how to do some basics with the sewing machine. Once you’ve overcome your apprehensions, I’m sure you’ll have a great time finishing off projects.

  2. I also find it hard to resist SALs :-)))) But I have a strong reason not to – while I’m studying and working it’s just impossible (especially having so many UFOs)..So, nice choice, have a lot of fun stitching :-)))) I love the cat very much 🙂

  3. I usually just stick to the TUSAL I tried the Christmas Stitch-a-long last year but I stopped my project in May and have just picked it up again. I love that Molly though! She does look weird without a mouth but I think if one was added it might look even weirder but I keep seeing this pattern and heaven help me if I find it at the LNS!

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love the SALs you have planned. And you have a Mia too! lol! I bet my Mia would love watching fish as well. 😀 Love your Chatelaine piece as well.

  5. Yeah, what is it about SALs that make you want to run and get everything organized?? I love the two projects you plan to do this year. I did one of the other Girls–Mary Margaret/Margaret Mary (always forget which way the name goes…) and am working on CHS Elizabeth this year. They are SOOOO much prettier stitched up than they appear on the chart pics. I wasn’t too crazed over them till I saw the models at a trunk show that CHS Kathy did a few years ago. They are really stunning. Your other piece is so pretty, too–very happy looking!

  6. I do love the charts you have chosen for your SALs I have a CHS in my stash but I have too much going on for now to join in that one. Wouldn;t mind the sheep one though! WHo is the designer???

  7. The sheepie design is lovely, nice to have you joining the CHS SAL, lovely project you have chosen for that.

    Have fun with the sewing machine!

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