Burn out!

I’ve been beavering away this week on Celtic Garden and whilst I have been enjoying the stitching I do admit to feeling a little burnt out at the moment.  There are a lot of colour changes involved in this design and whilst I use my Pako thread organiser, which does make life a LOT easier, I find myself yearning for something a little easier on my poor tired brain LOL.  With Phill’s mother coming to stay for a few days this is an opportune time for me to put Celtic away for a little while as I take up way too much room on the sofa when stitching this design 😉 so will pick up something which involves one colour thread instead of 20!!

Here’s how far I have progressed…

I have to say I’m really pleased with the way this photo has come out, the colours are very vibrant and look a lot like they do in real life.

Having looked through my WIP box earlier this evening I decided to carry on with Bramble and the Rose for the next few days.

Thank you all for the lovely comments I’ve been receiving on my blog, they are so appreciated!


9 thoughts on “Burn out!

  1. your fabric really is such a gorgeous colour and is making this mandela very special. Not sure how much more you have to do before completion but it really is looking beautiful.
    And hope you have fun with Phill’s Mum learning a few tricks with your sewing machine over the next few days.

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