Update and new SAL

I know I said this week I was going to try and post update pics through the week, instead of leaving everything to one huge post on a Sunday, but the cold that Phill so generously shared with me really took it out of me this week. As a consequence my blogging and for that matter blog reading is a bit behind schedule. I’ll try to do better next week 😉

So, first of all I’ll update you with this weeks Sampler Girl SAL on the Needlecraft Haven forum. Here is Northanger Abbey after this weeks stitching. The sheep has legs!


Next is the Christmas ornament I’ve been working on during my lunch hour. This is Winter Sampler by LHN from the 2009 JCS ornament edition. It’s slow going at the moment as I’ve lost a few lunch hours recently, also I have now run out of the pale green colour used for the lettering, which is also used for the border and a cursory search of my DMC didn’t prove successful in finding another one, so this ornament will have to go on hold until I can do a more thorough search – unfortunately my room still looks like a bomb site as Phill hasn’t done any more work in there as yet 😦


Finally for this week, Ribbon Sampler by Sampler Cove Designs. This is on 40 count fabric but stitches up surprisingly quickly and is very enjoyable to work on.


I have finished one page, and am about halfway through a second. To show you how enormous this design is, here’s what it will look like when finished.


As you can see I’ve quite a way to go LOL.

Finally, I am starting another SAL this evening with my sister Sheila. Keep an eye on her blog this week as she is doing a huge happy dance and did promise to share some pictures.

This will be our third SAL together, as we have already completed Celtic Welcome and Lale. This time we are stitching an Ink Circles design, Masquerade. Here’s the cover of the chart and the fabric I will be using, which is Lakeside Linen 32 count called Vintage Tarnished Silver.


I love the frame they’ve used for this picture, but know that I have absolutely no chance of finding anything like kind of frame here in Swansea. Maybe I’ll be able to find one online? If anyone knows of a place where I can look I’d be grateful for any help.

Phew! Another very long post LOL, if you’ve stuck with it this far – thank you! And thank you all for the comments you leave on my blog, they are much appreciated.

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10 thoughts on “Update and new SAL

  1. Northanger Abbey is such a super design, its looking lovely.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on the new SAL, another very nice design, i hope you can get the frame, its spendid and will show the stitching off perfectly.

    Love the ribbon sampler, your thread is such a stunning colour

    hope you start to feel much better this week

  2. The Ribbon Sampler is stunning Sandra and your new SAL with Sheila looks great too, good luck with sourcing the frame. I like the way Northanger Abbey is stitching up too.

  3. lovely wips, I do like the northanger abbey one, think I’ll need to add this one to my wishlist, Ribbon Sampler looks lovely, there’s so much detail in it
    what dmc are you needing for the winter sampler? i may have it in my extra dmc pile

  4. I didn’t reaslie the Ribbons Sampler was going to be so big – it’s HUGE ^^
    look forward to seeing your Masquarade SAL grow . . . and will pop over to Sheila’s blog to see if she’s posted anything

  5. Love your Sampler Girl wip progress. I’m very tempted to join in the SAL on NH, but trying to be strong for now lol.
    Love the current xmas ornie you’re stitching. If you haven’t been able to get the missing thread yet, let me know what colour it is and I’ll have a look see if I have one I can send you.
    Your Ribbon Sampler is GORGEOUS! Everytime I see this I want to start it, but I keep telling myself one monochromatic wip at a time.
    I like the look of your new SAL with your sister.

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