Molly & Masquerade

First of all, thanks to everyone who left a comment to my last entry. I can tell you that my thumb is a lot better and apart from the precautionary plaster feels back to normal, even though it doesn’t look too pretty.

I did manage to get some stitching done on Sunday, although it is surprising how hard it is to thread a needle without the use of your thumb lol

Here’s Masquerade as at the end of Sunday


You can see Sheila’s progress on our SAL on her blog, she’s a little further ahead than me, at the moment 😉

Last night was the Carriage House Samplings SAL on Needlecraft Haven. Molly now has a face, albeit very pale, and the first thing I will stitch next Tuesday will be her eyes, as she looks rather spooky at the moment LOL


As you might have guessed I am a sucker for a Stitch A Long. After planning to work only on my WIPs this year, I have already started three SAL’s, and am now planning to join in a fourth! I really do have very little willpower!

Another Needlecraft Haven SAL, this is a Jardin Prive design called Sampler aux Bouquets. I stitched my first Jardin Prive design last year (Eiffel Quaker) and really enjoyed it, so am looking forward to stitching another.

Here’s a pic of parts 1 and 2, part 3 will be released soon. I am stitching this on 40 count linen using DMC threads, and the SAL is to start on 15th March. I will probably stitch this on the nights I am not working on one of my other SALs.


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10 thoughts on “Molly & Masquerade

  1. lol have fun with the Jardin Privé SAL . . . I was tempted, but am resisting with all my strength.
    Well done on Masquerade – have seen that finished and it’s gorgeous.
    not quite so sure about Molly though, not quite my cup of tea I’m afraid.

  2. Lovely progress Sandra. I love how your CHS is growing. I might join the the CHS SAL later on as I have one of their charts in my stash.

    I was going to do the Jardin Prive one but I’ve changed my mind!

  3. Masquerade is looking great, but not keen on no eyed Molly! LOL

    Glad to hear your thumb hasn’t stopped the stitching

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