Lessons learnt today…

  1. Sewing a straight line is harder than it looks (excuse the fabrics, I know they don’t match at all, but they are just practice scraps)


2. I should stay away from triangles/diamonds


3.  I can make a mess very quickly


4.  I already want a better sewing machine


5.  I think I have a new hobby!

I have always fancied having a go at quilting, but have always been put off by a few things (see lesson number 1!). When Sheila and I visited Polstitches last year we went next door to Cross Patch and I literally drooled over the fabrics and quilts they had there. We had a look upstairs at their teaching room where there was a roomful of ladies sewing away making masterpieces and decided then that one day I would give it a try.

One of my work colleagues, Rose, has been talking about learning to quilt for years but never did anything about it either. However, we recently discovered a quilting shop here in Swansea, called Red House Quilting. We are planning a trip there in a few weeks (after payday!) so I thought I would watch a few You Tube tutorials and have a go.

I found some fantastic tutorials from the Missouri Star Quilt Co, based in the US. They are very easy to follow and very helpful for beginners like me.

I had a few hours to myself today so thought it was the perfect opportunity, so I grabbed some scraps of fabric I had collected over the years and made myself a very simple (and a little lopsided) practice quilt. The first blocks I made are definitely a lot worse than the last blocks, and by the time I sewed the border on I think my quarter inch seam was pretty good. I’ve had my little sewing machine for a few years and it is very basic, and did seem to struggle sometimes when it came to sewing over the thicker seams, so I am going have another try at making something on Phill’s mum’s machine, which even though it is a good few years old is very very good quality.

If any of you quilt and can point me in the direction of some good online stores/blogs/forums I’d be very grateful!

Back to cross stitch, and my progress on the Sampler Girl SAL this week


Tonight is Dancing on Ice/Masquerade night – let’s see if I can keep up with Sheila this week LOL


14 thoughts on “Lessons learnt today…

  1. looks like you’re going to turn into a multi-talented cross stitching/quilting/ sewing handicrafter !
    For a first attempt at quilting I reckon you can be proud of yourself – okay so your triangle is a bit off lol but the rest looks pretty good.
    Look forward to seeing what you buy in the way of fabric after payday.
    I actually buy some of my fabric on ebay, from a lovely lady in the UK if you want me to send you a link to her ebay shop just let me know

  2. Oh quilting is fun! I’m terrible at the straight lines too. lol! I’m better at handwork, like applique and paper piecing. There’s the Fat Quarter Shop online in the US. Lots and lots of fabric, mainly MODA. I’m sure there are others too, but that’s a fun one.

    Love your sampler progress too.

  3. Great stuff Sandra! I must admit that the main reason for me staying away from quilting is that my stitching is hopeless!!

  4. YOu’re making a good start at quilting! I refuse to start up another hobby, I don’t have the time LOL!

    Your stitching is looking lovely

  5. I am SO glad you have taken up the quilting fever. I for one, am still having butterflies in my stomach. Hopefully someday i will have a post similar to yours. 2009 – i did my first (very small) applique project, and have not ventured further, at least not yet.

    In my sidebar you will see lots of blogs of ladies who quilt – that could help you with networking, and i am sure you will find through some of these blogs links to tutorials, BOMs and the like


  6. I have never tried quilting but I find it hard to sew in a straight line when I’m finishing up cross stitch pieces.

    Your progress on TSG piece is lovely.

  7. Oh I see, quilting has tempted you and you are on your way of becoming an addict, lol. It’s also my second needlecraft love, right after cross stitching. And all the quilting blogs are just as motivating as the stitching ones. You will see, lol.

  8. Looks like you have found yourself a new hobby Sandra. Your quilt looks good, I have that problem with straight lines too but I am determined to master it. Your stitching is looking lovely too.

  9. Nice stitchy progress!

    The best tip for a straight line is to measure up a scant 1/4″ on your sewing plate and then put a stack of tape on top of each other at that spot. Then when you’re sewing, butt your fabric up against the tape and your measurement should stay the same. Also–I love you tube videos/tutorials! They’re great.

  10. You have a good start with quilting. I had been for a workshop before-a few years ago and still the pieces i started were unfinished, don’t even know where they are now. I don’t know, not interested to follow through.
    Goodluck with yours.

  11. TSG piece is looking lovely

    Quilting is something i haven’t tried, i’m told its very addictive once you get going with it, sounds a bit like the crochet bug that bites!

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