SAL update

I’ve been extremely slack in updating my blog this week, things have been extremely busy and I’ve not had much spare time. This week I only managed to stitch on two out of three SALs. Tuesday’s Carriage House SAL just didn’t get a look in lol – maybe next week.

I did manage to work on Masquerade, even though quite a lot of that work was unpicking stitches I had put in because evidently I’ve forgotten how to count lol. Here’s a pic, albeit slightly lopsided, of where I am. Sheila is taking a different route on hers, check it out on her blog.


Wednesday was once again Sampler Girl SAL night. I worked on the border and got loads done, easy stitching, no need to even look at the chart.


Next week’s stitching plans are to once again work on my SAL’s and also to start another lol. The Jardin Prive SAL starts on 15th March over on Needlecrat Haven.


10 thoughts on “SAL update

  1. Both SAL pieces are looking good. I hate it when I can’t count either! The last case of the frogs I had, I rounded up the little buggers and dumpped them off in Mexico during my day trip there last week!

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