Work, work, work

Work seems to be completely dominating my life at the moment ;-(

I took on a typing job a couple of months ago,  which was a very big job involving transcribing a number of interviews and I’ve been plodding away at them every weekend since then.  However the deadline for completing the job has been brought forward and I’ve had to get it finished sooner than expected, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been working all weekend and also in the evenings to try and get it finished.

The bad news is that I have done hardly any stitching in the last couple of weeks, the good news is that I should get everything finished this weekend.

Normal blogging service will be resumed then!  I’m very behind in reading/commenting on blogs too, so I apologise for that, but will be visiting you all again soon!

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10 thoughts on “Work, work, work

  1. Good luck with the work! What a bummer that it’s taking up all your time. But at least you get paid for it, right?

  2. Look forward to seeing you back when work takes a back seat ! Lovely progress on Friendship and Jane , I have ordered this one now so you are an enabler too lol.
    Perhaps see you next Wednesday over at the SAL.
    hugs Barb

  3. Don’t forget, everyone needs some relaxation time in their lives, i hope you are not working too hard! Take care xx

  4. Hello, I just found your blog, and I enjoyed looking at all your projects. I too am a stitcher and a hooker. I have added your site to follow, would love to see more of your works.

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