I seem to be jinxed on this piece, as for the second time I have spent most of my Sunday SAL frogging and re-stitching. This time I had to frog most of the moon as somehow one of my stitches was in fact the size of one and a half stitches which completely threw me for a loop. It took me absolutely ages to find where I had gone wrong, and to put it right.

Here’s where I am so far


Still a way to go before I catch up with Sheila 😉

Last week I made a comment on Claire’s blog after she posted about some lovely unexpected gifts that had arrived with her, via her postman Lionel. I commented that all my postie ever seems to bring me is bills lol. What a surprise I had when, for a change, my postman actually brought me some good mail!! Claire sent me a gorgeous Gorjuss card lol. Thank you Claire, it was just what I needed!!


Isn’t she cute??

Sorry for the awful pics, but Phil is working away for a couple of days and has taken the camera with him so I’m making do with my iPhone for these pics.

Most of the last week has been spent working on my sewing/craft room. You may remember the photographs I posted quite a while back, well not much has happened to the room since then as Phill has been very busy with work, but I think he was feeling a little guilty about leaving me on my own for a few days this week and he has now finished the wallpapering, painting and has put my curtain pole up, all that’s left to do is a few finishing touches. I don’t have any pics at the moment, but when Phill comes home later in the week I will take a few snaps. My time has been spent having a little sort out of my stash, and I’ve put a few things aside to Ebay in the near future.

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13 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. Sorry you had a visit from the frog, don’t you just hate when that happens!

    It’s always good to get something other than bills in the post, Claire’s card looks really cute:-)
    Look forward to seeing photos of your craft room 🙂

  2. seems rather appropriate to be jinxed with this rather hallowe’eny design – hope you don’t have to frog some more.
    So glad the card arrived – have to find a nickname for your postie (and NOT Postman Pat please ^^)
    And let me know when you post your ebay stuff because you know I won’t be able to resist a bargain lol

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your room. I love your masquerade piece! I had a major rip and rerip phase the other day — it was horrible! Ugh!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your photos of your stitching room. Sorry you had a visit from the frog – pesky little thing. Lovely card from Clare. Hope you sales on ebay go well.

  5. Masquerade is a stunner, the colours are amazing. Shame the frog had to hop onto it though

    How lovey to receive a nice card in the post, it’s lovely

  6. Frogs be gone!!! Darn things! Hope they are banished forever now. Masquerade is looking really good. The more I see the more I like it which could be fatal!

    Love the card you received.

  7. Masquerade is looking gorgeous, but sorry you had a froggie visit, hope they’ve gone for good now.
    I love the Gorjuss designs, how nice of Claire to send you the card! DH got me one of the cards for my birthday and I’ve got a few of their notebooks and pin badges which I’ve adapted into magnets for my stitching lol.

  8. Love your Masquerade piece and the Gorjuss card is very cute (I’ve seen that picture as a cross stitch kit too, it’s adorable!). I look forward to seeing pics of your stitching room.

    Thanks for offering to do an exchange with me. I would love to, and I have no problems posting internationally! 🙂 My aim will be to send you something by mid June. How does that sound? Hopefully it will give both of our stitching mojos are kick where it is needed. lol I couldn’t find an email address for you to email you personally – but here is mine

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