Finally finished!

It took a bit longer than I thought it would to finish off, mainly because I ran out of money, but this week we finally finished off my craft room. Phill and I have both been off work this week, I was taking advantage of the four Bank Holidays in the UK over the last couple of weekends which meant that I only had to use up three days of my holiday entitlement to get a total of 11 days off work!

Most of the cupboards were already in the room, we just added a few more, hung some new wallpaper and curtains and put down some new carpet. It looks absolutely amazing in there, and I have so much storage space that I can put everything away out of sight. Here’s some pics for you

You may notice my new sewing machine in one of the pics, I bought this for myself as a treat after finishing the huge typing job I recently finished, it’s so much better than my old machine!

Since having my new sewing machine I have become completely obsessed with quilting, watching tutorials, reading library books, blogs etc. I have been practicing my sewing skills and in particular practising sewing a consistent 1/4 inch seam, which is essential for quilting. To be honest it’s a bit hit and miss but I am enjoying the learning process. I have found so much information freely available on various sites, and have even made up a few quilt blocks which I will hopefully turn into a good size quilt top. I will show you my results next week lol

I also found a fabulous tutorial on You Tube from Missouri Star Quilt Company to make these blocks.


I bought a jelly roll of the bright coloured fabrics (a jelly roll is 42 x 2 1/2 inch strips – all different colours) and a few metres of the plain black fabric. Each jelly roll strip will make one star, and each block ends up at about 11 x 11 inches (depending on the consistency of the seams!) so by the time I finish I should end up with a quilt which is 6 blocks x 7 blocks. Mine are by no means perfect, but are definitely getting better – I’ll probably get it perfect at block 40 or 41 lol.

I haven’t done any stitching of any kind this week at all, we’ve been too busy finishing my room, painting our other spare bedroom (which Phill uses for all his music equipment) and generally having a tidy up and de-clutter. We do seem to do this to ourselves quite regularly lol, take time off work to relax and wind down for a while and end up working harder than if we’d just gone to our respective jobs LOL

This afternoon I am going to look through my cross stitching stash for a chart and fabric/threads to start an exchange piece for Rowyn, who was looking for volunteers to take part in an exchange with her recently. I thought this would be a good way to get me back into stitching after a couple of very busy months which have left me quite shattered and just not in the mood for stitching at all.

If you’ve got this far thank you for visiting, and hope you all had a good Easter!

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10 thoughts on “Finally finished!

  1. Your craft room looks great Sandra, Good luck with the quilting – I have the feeling that it could be very addictive!

  2. Hi

    Just looked back on my blog and saw you’d left a comment on my quilt.. very satisfying to get it to match up with out all the hassle of unpicking, yes 1/4″ foot is a must.. and you have a craft room!!! Wow how lovely I ‘d love one.. Mike and I have been discussing turning the attached garage into an extra room.. but as we have just paid out for a conservatory I think I may have to wait a while!! Anyway my kitchen is big enough to sew and have the ironing board along side the table and there is still room to cook, so I think I will have to make do, but I’d love a craft room!
    Your star quilt is looking good!
    Hugs Chris x

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