Finished quilt pics

Today I’d like to share with you pictures of my first finished quilt, but before I forget I had a couple of requests for the link to the tutorial I watched on You Tube to make the star blocks in my last post. The tutorial was by Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co, you can see a link on their home page to the tutorials they have. They are the best tutorials I have found so far, very easy to follow, and they use lots of pre-cut fabrics like jelly rolls and charm packs, perfect for a beginner. Here’s the specific tutorial for the star block .

I watched a few tutorials and found a really easy looking one here. So I bought a jelly roll and a charm pack called Lovely by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics and set to work. A few weeks later here is the finished quilt. I used the left overs from the jelly roll strips to make a patchwork border and used a red floral fabric from the same range as the inner border and a plain red for the outer border.

The quilt is laid out on my king size bed so it’s quite a decent size. I’m giving it to my Mother for her birthday tomorrow as she is due to go into Hospital in the near future and thought it would be good for when she comes home and is recuperating, she can snuggle under it if she gets a bit chilly while sitting in the garden or watching TV.

The backing for the quilt is made from a plain yellow from the same fabric range, and you can see from the picture below where I have “stitched in the ditch”, basically just stitching in between the seams of each block to hold the front, back, and the batting together.


Finally, this picture shows the binding around the edge of the quilt, using the same red fabric as the border with yellow piping.


Thanks for visiting, and humouring my new addiction lol, I know this is primarily a stitching blog and I will be back tomorrow with an update of the Masquerade SAL. I can’t show you what else I have been up to this week as I’ve been working on my exchange piece for Rowyn.

If you haven’t visited Sheila’s blog recently, it’s worth a visit to see her framed Queen Lily, it’s gorgeous!


15 thoughts on “Finished quilt pics

  1. I’m speechless in admiration (well almost ^^)
    This is some fabulous quilting Sandra and I find it hard to believe you haven’t been doing it all your life. Your choice of colours and fabrics is amazing, and all your squares and seams look so wonderfully straight. I reckon you can give yourself a pat on the back and feel very proud of your sewing skills and achievement. Your Mum is going to love it. “Joyeux Anniversaire” to your Mum for tomorrow btw and hope her hospital stay goes well.

  2. Wow Sandra, Congratulations on your new skill, the quilt is amazing, I’m sure your mum will love it and it’s great that it will be put to such a good use.

  3. Sandra i am drooling over your quilt! It’s beautiful, i can’t believe this is your first attempt, you must be a natural 🙂
    You have made me want to go in search of tutorials for quilting now but i just know that i don’t have a good enough relationship with my machine to attempt such a project (the air can turn blue when i’m just threading the bobbin, lol)
    I’m sure your mum will treasure it ~:-)

  4. Sandra, you did a wonderful job! I can’t believe that’s your first quilt, it looks like you’ve been quilting for years. I’m sure your mum will love it – hope her surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

  5. Ooh Sandra, what a fabulous job you did with your first quilt! You must be so thrilled and I’m sure your Mum will absolutely love it too! Thanks for posting the tutorial links, I would love to be brave enough to have a go one day! :o)

  6. Sandra, this is unbelievable! Your first quilt! It’s a beautiful pattern and you used the most beautiful fabrics for it. Congratulations on this wonderful piece!
    Thanks for mentioning the tutorial, I will boomark it and maybe use it for my first quilt that I have the intention to make next summer.

  7. Your quilt is fantastic – the jolly colours should help cheer you num up when she’s recuperating – I hope all goes well for her. I think we’re sharing our new passion at the same time!! I need to finish my first quilt (maybe I’ll do some tomorrow?). The tutorials are fantastic – and I love the idea of patterns based on jelly rolls and the like!

  8. Fantastic quilt, and made from a jelly roll and a charm pack.. I have been tempted to buy both but always worried it wouldn’t be enough fabric.. so now off to look at fabric sites!! Although I have just ordered some wool to make a bolero.. well done on your quilt, even though it might seem simple shapes it is still quite a task to make one, especially a king sized one!
    Did you see my single bed sized one on my blog? I was well pleased with my self for making it! I need a craft room, so we are seriously thinking of turning the garage into a room! Unpacking is worse than packing!!
    Happy days and enjoy what ever you choose to do!
    Hugs Chris x

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