WIPocalypse update

Even though I had chosen five of my numerous WIPs to be my focus pieces for the time being, only one of them has seen the light of day since the start of the year. I am enjoying stitching on Moonlight Garden so much I think I may end up carrying on until it’s finished. It has the variety of speciality stitches, together with repeat patterns in the borders which make for easier stitching, the best of both worlds!

Here’s where I’m at as of earlier today


I took this a few hours ago, and since then I have finished off the right hand side outer and inner borders and have started on the next section of stitching under the white lacy effect part. I’m working on page 2 of the design so I’m not far off 50% done.


30 thoughts on “WIPocalypse update

  1. well done Sandra – ah, so you’re going to work on projects one at a time, I see ^^ Look forward to seeing you happy dance on this one

  2. What a pretty design! I know my vote counts for nothing, but I think you should keep going on this one til it’s done too. I want to see what it looks like all finished! : )

  3. This has been on my to-do list for ages (right from the moment I saw Cynthia Z.’s model, in fact…) – well done so far, it’s fabulous and I’ll be watching it eagerly 🙂

  4. Wow Sandra you have made fantastic progress, it looks beautiful, don’t blame you wanting to spend more time stitching on it 🙂

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