TUSAL and weekend update

First of all I’d like to share my TUSAL update. There’s quite a bit in there really, considering we’re not even a full month into the year, but I have been having some tangling/knotting issues with the Hand Dyed Fibers I am using for Moonlight Garden. I’ve now found some Thread Heaven so will try using that for a while to see if it helps.


All of my stitching time since my last post has been spend on Moonlight Garden. I’ve now finished the second page of the chart, two more pages left, although the final page is a little smaller than the rest, so I am more than half way through.


There was some over one stitching involved in this section, which is always a challenge, but after a few visits from the frog I am happy with the way it looks. Here’s a close up of the over one part


I have had a lot of trouble this week leaving comments on Blogger blogs for some reason. When I try and leave a comment using my OpenID/Wordpress log in details I keep getting an error message saying that the verification word I have entered isn’t correct. I have resorted to commenting using my Blogger ID so if anyone has a comment from someone they don’t recognise it could well be me. I think the problem is more to do with WordPress/Open ID than it does with Blogger. I do still have a Blogger blog, which I used before moving to WordPress so I’m debating whether to go back to using that. For the time being I will duplicate my blog entries to both, until I decide what to do.

I joined in with the International Stitching Hermit Weekend, so have spent a large part of the day in front of the TV watching Spooks and stitching. I intend to carry on with much the same this evening, although will be watching series 3 of The Wire.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


17 thoughts on “TUSAL and weekend update

  1. Moonlight Garden is looking so pretty but I’m sorry you have had trouble with the threads. Hopefully the Thread Heaven will help.

    Blogger seems to have been a bit of a pain lately too. I have been trying to add new blogs that I discover and found that nothing will add – very frustrating.

  2. Gorgeous stitching – I love the over one white backstitch area (I was tempted to call it blackwork, but decided that would sound a little odd!)

  3. Great progress Sandra!
    I’ve only had a go at ‘over one’ on one occasion and didn’t like it one bit!

    Hope you enjoyed Spooks? Loved that series!

  4. Moonlight Garden is coming along in leaps and bounds – and looking gorgeous to boot ^^
    I too have been having trouble leaving comments on blogger, but thought it was just me.

  5. OMG! Moonlight Garden is just beautiful!
    The only good thing about one over one stitching is that when you are done with it, everything goes much faster!

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