Small change of plan

I’ve realised that as much as I am loving stitching on Moonlight Garden at the moment, there are some evenings when I really should not put needle to thread.  This design is full of speciality stitches, which means that it needs quite a lot of concentration, which is something I haven’t always got much of at the end of a busy day.  This usually means an hour of stitching and another hour un-stitching because of counting errors!

I had received Jardin Prive’s ABChat as a gift from Claire last year, it had been on my wish list for a while, so I’ve decided to stitch on that on the evenings my eyes and brain are not up to the concentration needed for Moonlight.  It’s a small design, so should be finished quite quickly, and shouldn’t distract me from my WIPs too much.  I will carry on with Moonlight Garden on ‘easy’ days and weekends.


ABChat - Jardin Prive

Excuse the poor photo, it was taken with my iPhone.  I’m using an unidentified thread from Hand Dyed Fibers on Oatmeal belfast linen from Dawn at The Crafty Kitten.


6 thoughts on “Small change of plan

  1. ah ha, I see whiskers lol.
    Good idea to start on this one Sandra as it will be a nice quick one and you’ll notch up a finish in no time which will give you a boost.
    I have a copy of this myself too, so I may well be tempted to dig it out ^^

  2. I think that is a smart move on your part. Doing specialty stitches when you’re tired and not with it isn’t a good thing. Always good to have a mindless project. Of course, I like to have mindless projects all the time. lolol!

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