TUSAL & competition for fun

It’s that time of the month again….TUSAL. Not much added to my container this month, although I am planning on sitting down with Brambles and the Rose this evening, so I can see a few more strands being added before the night is over!

I have read on a couple of blogs about a fun competition being held by Nicola at Stitching by a Cornish Sea ( a blog well worth a visit for the fabulous pictures of Cornwall as well as for some lovely stitching). The competition is to find the funniest sleeping position, both for animals and humans. I knew that I had a few good snaps of Mia, so decided to have a look for them. However, I came across so many pics of her in strange positions I couldn’t narrow it down so I’ve put together a collection of my favourites. There’s quite a few!!

As you’ll see, Mia loves sleeping on Phill’s part of the desk – the messier the better lol!

On Phill's desk

On Phill's desk

In the fish tank


12 thoughts on “TUSAL & competition for fun

  1. Hi Sandra, I just found your blog thru Nicola’s… what adorable! pics of your cutie. She really gets into some funny positions! I posted one pic of my own Gigi, with her being a black cat she is hard to sometimes takes pics of, but it is a fun contest just to see everyone’s furry babies. Love all your stitchings too.. the Brambles is looking really pretty and that ABC cat is so cute! Have a great day!

  2. How adorable, I can see how hard it was to choose. Thank you for participating in my little competition. It’s such fun getting to meet new pin pals. Good luck.

    Your blog and stitching is gorgeous, I am looking forward to following.

  3. lol! Love all the pics of Mia! You have a Mia too — so cool! I love her sleeping on your DH — so cute! I love seeing all the pics.

  4. Oh my, Mia is just too adorable! I love all the pics you’ve posted, especially the seventh one (the one below the guitar box) That one is just LOL cute.


  5. lol! Mia’s a stunner, isn’t she? I love the one of her sleeping on Phill’s shoulder – they both look so comfortable 🙂

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