Computer love/hate

Just a quick post to apologise for not begin able to comment on any blogs lately.  I’ve been fighting with my computer for the last week or so, but have now got it sorted out.  I have to say that I LOVE my computer, don’t know what I would do without it except when something goes wrong with it.  I have been able to read blogs on my iPad but it’s a bit of a pain leaving a comment using that, especially with the new word verification thing Blogger seems to have at the moment.

This weekend I’ve realised that the older I get the harder I find it to keep up with technology.  I used to love tinkering around with computer and electronic gadgets for hours at a time, now I just want to plug it in and for it to work!! 

Anyway, my computer is now working as it should and I will post an update of my stitching later today.  

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2 thoughts on “Computer love/hate

  1. Pleased you have the computer sorted out.
    It’s the predictive stuff on the iPad that bugs me!
    I read on a blog where the lady had said she was not visiting any blogs with the word verification anymore as she just can’t see the letters properly, must say some are worse than others. I turned mine off like a lot have.

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