Happy Dance!

In a comment she left a couple of days ago my sister Sheila reminded me of a stitch a long we had started as long ago as March last year.  The design was by Pelin Tezer and is called Lale.  We were both stitching this design black fabric using a gold coloured thread.  Sheila suggested that maybe we carry on stitching Lale with a view to finishing it by the end of the month.  I knew I had stitched at least half of the design so far but when I checked I was surprised to see that it was probably about three quarters done.  I sat down with it on Sunday evening with the intention of just putting a few stitches in while watching Dancing on Ice, but was so close to finishing I could’t resist carrying on with it, even though it meant staying up a little bit later than my normal bedtime lol

Lale designed by Pelin Tezer
Stitched on black Belfast Linen using Needle Necessities thread (161 Fools Gold)
Started March 2010 – finished January 2011

I also finished my January Challenge for the Needlecraft Haven forum, a new finishing method to me and was very pleased with the results, but unfortunately I can’t share that with you until 30th January.

Lots of bloggers have been sharing pictures of their pets recently, and Mia wanted to get in on the action.  Here she is spending time on her favourite hobby – fishing!

She will literally spend hours watching the fish swimming back and fore, and I’m sure they tease her by swimming close up to the glass lol


Naughty cats

First day back at work on Tuesday and it was, as expected, extremely busy.  Not a lot had been done while I’d been off and of course everything now needed doing immediately!  I got in to work at 8am, left just before 6, feeling very tired after a lazy ten days off.  I called to my mum’s on the way home, then to the supermarket to buy a few bits to make a curry  and walked through the door at just about 7.30pm.  Phill was not home, having visited his mother, who hasn’t been very well,  straight after work.

I could see something on the floor of our dining room/office and when I switched the light on I was greeted by a whole lot of feathers and other pieces of a very unfortunate bird.  I’m not sure which of the cats had brought it through the cat flap but Mia did look extremely pleased with herself.  I know that this is a natural “cat thing” but YUCK!

I cleaned up the room, went through to the kitchen only to discover that the bird must have been well and truly alive when it was brought in and that there must have been a high speed chase going on, as the kitchen was a mess too, with things knocked over, and little splatters of bird poo all over the place.

After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen,  I more or less fell straight into bed.    We ended up having a couple of slices of toast instead of a delicious curry lol

Thankfully last night was very dull in comparison, and I managed to get a few stitches in before I got too tired.  I’m sure that I will quickly get used to working again and will be able to stitch for bit longer in the evenings.  Here’s my progress on Celtic Mandala so far

Four empty bowls……….

……..four hungry cats!!

As most of you who have cats know, they are completely ruled by their tummies.  This is a sight that often meets us if we walk into the kitchen.  It starts with some pleading looks…

Then continues with some cat dancing….

And finally………

Left to right – Louis, Mia, Ginger, Bonnie.  (The strange patch of fur on Mia’s left hand back leg is where her fur is growing back after she was spayed in November)

Better late than never

I’m very, very late in posting my South Seas Lace SAL picture this week, I did mean to post before I went to bed on Thursday evening, but unfortunately I fell asleep on the sofa long before bedtime and completely forgot LOL

30th July 2009

The colours in this picture are quite true to live, at least they are on my monitor!    Have a look at Claire and Vikki’s progress.

In other stitching news I’ve been making slow progress on part 4 of Grand Marquoir and am on the third square of this part.  I will take a progress picture when I have finished this block.  I have hardly picked up a needle for days though, mostly due to the Mia the kitten.  She is completely bonkers and is very inquisitive so I can only safely stitch when she’s asleep.  However, whereas she used to crash out for hours at a time, her naps are getting shorter the older she gets so I really am snatching a few stitches here and there.  I really miss stitching though, especially when I look around all your blogs and see such wonderful work.  I think Phill and I are going to have to work out some kind of kitten rota, where I look after her for a certain length of time so he can play his guitar etc and then he can look after her while I stitch for a few hours.

We wouldn’t swap her for the world though, she is quite a character and is very affectionate.  This is how she likes to sleep…….Phill and Mia having a Sunday afternoon snooze!!

Phill and Mia

And even Ginger is beginning to accept her ……

Ginger and Mia

Rotation starts today

Well it’s Saturday, and the day that I plan to start my new rotation.  Today I will be stitching Cirque des Triangles with Jane as a SAL.  I have some housework to do this morning, then I’m going to visit my mum and dad this afternoon, so I will make a start this evening while watching TV.

YesterdayI carried on stitching on New World, which I am really enjoying.  I hope the colours are more true to life in this latest picture



And here’s a close up



Finally, here’s Ginger trying to get his 23 and half hours sleep a day!