Happy Dance!

In a comment she left a couple of days ago my sister Sheila reminded me of a stitch a long we had started as long ago as March last year.  The design was by Pelin Tezer and is called Lale.  We were both stitching this design black fabric using a gold coloured thread.  Sheila suggested that maybe we carry on stitching Lale with a view to finishing it by the end of the month.  I knew I had stitched at least half of the design so far but when I checked I was surprised to see that it was probably about three quarters done.  I sat down with it on Sunday evening with the intention of just putting a few stitches in while watching Dancing on Ice, but was so close to finishing I could’t resist carrying on with it, even though it meant staying up a little bit later than my normal bedtime lol

Lale designed by Pelin Tezer
Stitched on black Belfast Linen using Needle Necessities thread (161 Fools Gold)
Started March 2010 – finished January 2011

I also finished my January Challenge for the Needlecraft Haven forum, a new finishing method to me and was very pleased with the results, but unfortunately I can’t share that with you until 30th January.

Lots of bloggers have been sharing pictures of their pets recently, and Mia wanted to get in on the action.  Here she is spending time on her favourite hobby – fishing!

She will literally spend hours watching the fish swimming back and fore, and I’m sure they tease her by swimming close up to the glass lol