SAL update

I’ve been extremely slack in updating my blog this week, things have been extremely busy and I’ve not had much spare time. This week I only managed to stitch on two out of three SALs. Tuesday’s Carriage House SAL just didn’t get a look in lol – maybe next week.

I did manage to work on Masquerade, even though quite a lot of that work was unpicking stitches I had put in because evidently I’ve forgotten how to count lol. Here’s a pic, albeit slightly lopsided, of where I am. Sheila is taking a different route on hers, check it out on her blog.


Wednesday was once again Sampler Girl SAL night. I worked on the border and got loads done, easy stitching, no need to even look at the chart.


Next week’s stitching plans are to once again work on my SAL’s and also to start another lol. The Jardin Prive SAL starts on 15th March over on Needlecrat Haven.


Playing catch-up

Apologies in advance, but this is going to be a catch up post with lots of pictures to share.  More apologies for the picture quality tonight, I just couldn’t seem to take a good photo of anything!

Firstly, from Tuesday evening here’s my start on Molly, the design I’ve chosen to stitch for the Carriage House Samplings SAL on Needlecraft Haven forum.  It doesn’t look much but believe me there are a LOT of stitches in this tiny section!

Wednesday night should have been The Sampler Girl SAL, but for some reason last week I couldn’t remember what day it was, and seemed to jump from Tuesday straight to Thursday (blame a very busy week at work), so I cheated a little and stitched on Northanger Abbey on Thursday evening.

I’m really enjoying stitching on this design, and it seems Mia likes it too lol

The rest of the week I’ve been stitching on Bramble and The Rose, and put the final stitches into the third full page this evening.  Next week I will move on to another of my WIPs, Ribbon Sampler, and complete a full page on that before either returning to Brambles or moving to another WIP.

Finally, I thought I’d share some pictures of the mess that is my craft room at the moment.  We had some problems with a leaking chimney which has led to some plaster coming loose, we also needed to replace the very old window which was more or less falling out.  The chimney has now been taken down, the window replaced and Phill has replastered the wall – the is how it looked today before we started clearing up.

What a mess!  But the good part of this is that my room is going to get new wallpaper and carpet over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned for more pics when it’s finished!

The Sampler Girl SAL

Yesterday saw the start of the Sampler Girl SAL on Needlecraft Haven forum. I decided to stitch a design called Northanger Abbey. I didn’t have a huge amount of time free yesterday evening, but did manage to get a few stitches in.

I should have another small finish to show you at the weekend. I’ve been working on a Christmas ornament during my lunch hour at work and should be putting the final stitches in tomorrow. It’s taken me two weeks to finish, so the plan is to do this throughout the year and have a tree full of ornaments by December!