Playing catch-up

Apologies in advance, but this is going to be a catch up post with lots of pictures to share.  More apologies for the picture quality tonight, I just couldn’t seem to take a good photo of anything!

Firstly, from Tuesday evening here’s my start on Molly, the design I’ve chosen to stitch for the Carriage House Samplings SAL on Needlecraft Haven forum.  It doesn’t look much but believe me there are a LOT of stitches in this tiny section!

Wednesday night should have been The Sampler Girl SAL, but for some reason last week I couldn’t remember what day it was, and seemed to jump from Tuesday straight to Thursday (blame a very busy week at work), so I cheated a little and stitched on Northanger Abbey on Thursday evening.

I’m really enjoying stitching on this design, and it seems Mia likes it too lol

The rest of the week I’ve been stitching on Bramble and The Rose, and put the final stitches into the third full page this evening.  Next week I will move on to another of my WIPs, Ribbon Sampler, and complete a full page on that before either returning to Brambles or moving to another WIP.

Finally, I thought I’d share some pictures of the mess that is my craft room at the moment.  We had some problems with a leaking chimney which has led to some plaster coming loose, we also needed to replace the very old window which was more or less falling out.  The chimney has now been taken down, the window replaced and Phill has replastered the wall – the is how it looked today before we started clearing up.

What a mess!  But the good part of this is that my room is going to get new wallpaper and carpet over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned for more pics when it’s finished!



As promised yesterday here are the latest progress pictures for Bramble and the Rose, Ribbon Sampler and Eiffel Quaker.

Firstly, Brambles.  Two pages completed.

Secondly, Ribbon Sampler.  One page completed, started on the second page.

And lastly, Eiffel Quaker.  Stitched on 32 count fabric called Bisque from Lakeside Linens.  I’m really enjoying stitching this design!

Overdue update

Where does the time go? It’s been ten days since I updated my blog, and it seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. It’s been crazy busy at work but also I’ve been working at home doing some typing in the evenings which is earning some very welcome extra cash. By the time I’ve finished for the day the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer even longer, so I have fallen way behind on blogging and reading other people’s blogs. I’ve done my best to catch up a little today but I know that I’ve missed a few that I would usually check. I really have to make more of an effort to keep up with my blog reading as I love seeing other people’s stitching and like to keep up to date with new designs/fabrics/threads that are popular.

I have a few stitching updates to share with you today. Firstly last Monday’s stitching on The Bramble and The Rose SAL.


This is such a lovely design to stitch, it really is quite difficult to limit myself to stitching on it one day a week, but as that’s what most of us in the SAL seem to be doing I will follow suit. Claire has worked out that it will take us about nine months to finish this design, but I’m hoping that a few Bank Holiday Monday stitching sessions over the next few months might speed that up a little 😉 Check out her blog for her update and also for Veronique’s update.

Secondly, I managed to get a little more done on Lale, which is my Wednesday night SAL with Sheila


Not much done on this one this week, Wednesday was a particularly busy day and I only managed to get my needle threaded and half a stitch in before I had to give up, but I snuck a few more stitches in on Thursday!

Finally is a new start which I haven’t yet shared with you. i started it the week before last when I was of work ill, just to cheer myself up a little. I’ve been stitching on this inbetween the two SAL designs. It’s LHNs Home of a Needleworker stitched on Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue, which is a lovely fabric to stitch on. I have more or less finished the house as you can see, I thought I’d get the largest piece of the design over and done with first.2____14thmarch2010.jpg

The rest of my time has been spent stitching for a Pin Pillow exchange which has to be mailed by 1st April. I eventually managed to get hold of the chart I had been trying to get since the beginning of February and have made a good start. It’s a secret exchange so I can’t share any pictures until my partner has received it.

Next week I’m going to make a concentrated effort to blog more often, rather than post one HUGE post once a week LOL. I’m also going to make sure I keep up to date with blog reading, and commenting.

Thanks for visiting!

Back in the land of the living

After feeling completely rotten for the last five days, today I’ve been pottering around the house a little and even though my legs are still a bit wobbly I’m feeling a lot better and definitely a few pounds lighter! Thank you all for the good wishes!

I have managed to get a little stitching done, though not as much as I’d like considering that I’ve been off work for four whole days, but I was only able to stitch in very short bursts and my concentration levels have been almost nil. However, I have made a start on two new projects – Lale, and The Bramble and the Rose. Apologies in advance for all the photos in this post, as I said, I am still a little wobbly LOL

First Lale, this is the black and gold SAL with Sheila using a free chart from Pelin Tezer. The chart downloads as one half of the design only, and as it’s a symmetrical design you just turn the chart around and stitch it again for the other half. However, neither Sheila or I realised that the very centre line on the chart is only supposed to be stitched on one half, so there was a lot of frogging on both our parts 😦 This one stitches up really quickly, especially second time around 😉


Secondly, The Bramble and the Rose. I am thrilled with the way this is looking so far. The dark blue colour looks fabulous against the white fabric and this will look so good in my craft room. Again, this is another design which stitches up very quickly and I really don’t want to stop.


That’s all from me today, I think I’ve worn myself out and I need another nap LOL.

Ready, steady ….

In readiness for March 1st and the start of the Bramble and The Rose SAL I cut my fabric today, overlocked the edges, put the fabric, chart and threads together and even treated myself to a new needle!  Can you tell I’m looking forward to start this one?

Because I don’t have quite enough projects on the go at the moment 😉 Sheila thought it would be a good idea to add one more to the mix.  After seeing B&R stitched on black using a gold thread we both decided that we would like to try something similar, but maybe on a smaller scale.  We had a look around at some freebie charts and in the end decided to use a Pelin Tezer design called Lale.  You can see the design by clicking With My Compliments on the Pelin Tezer website.  Here’s a screen shot of the design.

We are both using 32ct Belfast linen, Sheila is using Weeks Dye Works – Whiskey, I am using Needle Necessities – 161 (Fools Gold). We are hoping to start this in the next week or so, just waiting for Sheila to have yet another happy dance!

It’s been a bit of a strange week for me stitching wise.  I was happily stitching away on Ribbon Sampler when I received a comment from Lisa, who asked which thread I was using and how much of it I had.  A couple of emails follows and it turned out that I had followed the thread estimate on the Hand Dyed Fibers site when ordering my threads from there, but unfortunately there had been a miscalculation on their part so the thread I have is nowhere near enough to finish the design.  The problem arose because the recommended thread for the design is Gloriana, which is 12 strands instead of the usual 6.  I have ordered more threads from HDF so I’m just waiting for them to arrive so I can compare the colours of the new threads with the ones I already have.  Please keep your fingers crossed that they will be close enough not to make a difference!  A big thank you to Lisa for telling me about the problem.  Lesson learnt:  Check, check and check again!

I’ve been extremely tired this week as we’ve been very busy at work and by the time I get home, have something to eat, clear up etc I feel almost ready to go to bed, so I didn’t want anything too complicated to work on.  I picked one of my older WIP’s Cirque des Carreaux as there are no thread changes and it’s quite an easy chart to follow.  

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

A tail of two kitties

Is that all?

Is that all?

As you can see, my fat cat now has a fat tail.  Check out Claire’s blog for her latest pic of our SAL, (and alsos some great news about a new book from Isa Vautier) .  We seem to be stitching in more or less the same direction on this design and her cat has a tail too!

I haven’t posted a pic of Cirques des Triangles for a while now, but I am really quite close to finishing this one.  A few more evenings should do it I reckon, so look out for a happy dance later this week.

20th June 2009

As much as I want to keep working on this today, I will put it aside for now to carry on working on Grand Marquior.  I have fallen behind a bit in this SAL and as the next part is due out at the end of this month I really need to give myself a kick up the backside and get the current part finished.

Maggie and Claire – I see you’ve been tempted into subscribing to The Gift of Stitching LOL.  I really enjoy this magazine, even if not all of the designs are to my taste it’s so much better than the UK cross stitch magazines you buy in shops with their endless supply of Disney characters and repeat designs which have been printed previously.    If any of you fancy doing a SAL of the Bramble and the Rose leave a comment.

If you liked the Ink Circles design, have a look at this one too (May 2009 issue) – South Seas Lace by Debbie Draper Designs.  There are just too many designs I want to stitch at the moment!

South Seas Lace

South Seas Lace

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  Thank you all for the comments you leave – they are very much appreciated.