TUSAL and new stash

A couple of days late, as usual, but here’s this months update of the TUSAL.    If you want to join in click here to all the info.

A pretty mixed bag in there at the moment, there’s lots of green in there from Celtic Dragon,   some red from Ribbon Sampler and I have absolutely no idea         where the blue thread at the top came from but I found it stuck to my trousers this morning 🙂

In the background you can just about see a little treat that arrived today.  As a small reward for working an extra day a week I decided to have a look around for a Fabric of the Month to join.  I sold quite a lot of fabric on Ebay recently as my tastes have changed over the years and I now enjoy more neutral tones.  After a few hours browsing around the web I decided to join a Fabric of the Month through Traditional Stitches.  I chose to receive two pieces of 13×18 Lakeside Linen each month.  The first two pieces arrived today and I am delighted with them both.

On the left is Vintage Clay Pot, on the right is Meadow Rue.  Meadow Rue has immediately been snagged for LHN Home of a Needleworker which I bought the threads for last week from Polstitches.  I’ve been having a great time spending some of my Ebay earnings recently, I have ordered the fabric for LHN The Library together with a few charts from Wasatch Needlecraft, a chart for the Pin Pillow exchange, which is now on the way, and ALMOST ordered Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow until I came to my senses and realised that I already have too much stitching planned for the next few months LOL.


Totally Useless SAL

Last year, even though I joined the Totally Useless SAL I was totally useless at posting my pictures on the right days, normally by the time I’d remembered it was time to post it was already too late to do so.  This year I hope to do a little better.  This is what I have collected since 1st January.

Already quite a lot of red in there again this year, because I have been stitching Celtic Welcome this week and have started to work on the red dragon.  I will post a pic of my progress over the weekend.

Tonight we had to take Louis to the vet as he came home yesterday with what we initially thought was a broken tail, but it turns out that he has been bitten twice on his tail once at the very start of the tail and once about halfway down.  Poor Louis was feeling extremely sorry for himself last night, and he he was in quite a bit of discomfort but a couple of injections and he should be on the mend now.  When we got home from the vet we took him out of the cat carrier and put him on a lovely thick fleecy blanket on the sofa but he decided there was somewhere else he’d rather be !

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for visiting!

Back to reality

Having last worked on 23rd December tomorrow is the day I return to work.  I am absolutely dreading it.  When I have a few days off I realise how much I dislike my job and how unhappy it makes me.  Maybe one of my resolutions this year should be do so something about that 😉

I’ve certainly made the most of my final day off to get lots of stitching done.  Here’s my progress so far on Carol Singers Sampler.

The chart is split into 22 rows, some involving just one row of speciality stitches, others involving quite a lot of cross stitch/speciality stitches.  Row 1 is Santa/reindeers and the houses.  I still have to attach the beads to the tree in the middle, but I think I will leave the beading until last.  I’ve started row 2, which is the white stitching underneath, but had to stop as my eyes were getting slightly blurry lol.

One other photo I’ve got for you is my Totally Useless SAL final photo of the year.  I must admit I was a little slack in posting updates throughout last year but I will try and do better this year.

As you can see from the background I’ve been sorting out my DMC over the last week or so, I used to have a complete set, plus a lot of extras, but I’ve borrowed colours here and there and not put them back so I decided to put them all in order, and replace any missing colours.    I found a great seller on Ebay who sells them far cheaper than anywhere else I have found, and they sell in batches of 10, 20, 50 etc.  I ended up getting 50 skeins, the missing colours I needed, plus a few extra black, white, 3865 (which seems to be a very popular colour).   I still have a few skeins to wind on to bobbins to complete my set but it’s good to know that if I fancy stitching something small I’ve got everything I need to start.  I store my DMC in a tool box from B&Q and it holds a complete set with room to spare!

Totally Useless SAL

Last month I completely forgot to post a pic of my collecting jar as part of the Totally Useless SAL, this month I am a little bit late but I least I rememberd eventually!

June 24th

Lots and lots of red in there again, thanks to a slight miscalculation on Grand Marquoir SAL on Sunday 😦

I managed to get another two squares done, so three more left to stitch on this part of the SAL but the next part is almost here, hopefully I will be able to squeeze in enough stitching time before the next part to get me up to date.

June 24th

Sorry for the dark pictures today, I took this VERY early this morning thanks to a hungry Ginger thinking that he had a chance of being fed at 5.30am this morning LOL .  He started off purring quietly, then got a bit louder, then decided to move on to my pillow and purr in my ear and when I kept ignoring him he decided to nibble my nose until I actually got up.   Needless to say he was back in bed, fast asleep with a full stomach by 5.45am – it’s a cat’s life!  I have a feeling I may fall asleep at my desk later on as it is so warm here at the moment it’s making us all sleepy.

I have made a little progress on Cirque des Triangle,  maybe not as much as I had hoped to achieve but with a bit of luck (and a couple of late nights) a happy dance is still achievable by the end of the week.

June 24th

Again, a really terrible picture which looks like it was taken during a total eclipse LOL, I’m not sure what was going with my flash this morning.

I’m itching to finish Cirque because Claire and I are starting another SAL when Cirque is done.  It was a choice between The Bramble and The Rose or South Seas Lace, both from the Gift of Stitching magazine.  South Seas Lace was the winner, mainly as it’s smaller and we can both stitch it using supplies from our stash whereas Bramble takes 12 skeins of thread so will take a little longer to kit up.    Everyone is welcome to join in with our SAL – the more the merrier.