TUSAL update

I’m killing two birds with one stone in this post, by sharing my TUSAL update for this month and also showing you the reason for all the red threads in my TUSAL jar!

I’ve made lots of progress on Ribbon Sampler, and have now finished three full pages, apart from a small section of the middle page which is satin stitch not cross stitch and which I’m leaving until later on.



TUSAL & competition for fun

It’s that time of the month again….TUSAL. Not much added to my container this month, although I am planning on sitting down with Brambles and the Rose this evening, so I can see a few more strands being added before the night is over!

I have read on a couple of blogs about a fun competition being held by Nicola at Stitching by a Cornish Sea ( a blog well worth a visit for the fabulous pictures of Cornwall as well as for some lovely stitching). The competition is to find the funniest sleeping position, both for animals and humans. I knew that I had a few good snaps of Mia, so decided to have a look for them. However, I came across so many pics of her in strange positions I couldn’t narrow it down so I’ve put together a collection of my favourites. There’s quite a few!!

As you’ll see, Mia loves sleeping on Phill’s part of the desk – the messier the better lol!

On Phill's desk

On Phill's desk

In the fish tank

TUSAL and weekend update

First of all I’d like to share my TUSAL update. There’s quite a bit in there really, considering we’re not even a full month into the year, but I have been having some tangling/knotting issues with the Hand Dyed Fibers I am using for Moonlight Garden. I’ve now found some Thread Heaven so will try using that for a while to see if it helps.


All of my stitching time since my last post has been spend on Moonlight Garden. I’ve now finished the second page of the chart, two more pages left, although the final page is a little smaller than the rest, so I am more than half way through.


There was some over one stitching involved in this section, which is always a challenge, but after a few visits from the frog I am happy with the way it looks. Here’s a close up of the over one part


I have had a lot of trouble this week leaving comments on Blogger blogs for some reason. When I try and leave a comment using my OpenID/Wordpress log in details I keep getting an error message saying that the verification word I have entered isn’t correct. I have resorted to commenting using my Blogger ID so if anyone has a comment from someone they don’t recognise it could well be me. I think the problem is more to do with WordPress/Open ID than it does with Blogger. I do still have a Blogger blog, which I used before moving to WordPress so I’m debating whether to go back to using that. For the time being I will duplicate my blog entries to both, until I decide what to do.

I joined in with the International Stitching Hermit Weekend, so have spent a large part of the day in front of the TV watching Spooks and stitching. I intend to carry on with much the same this evening, although will be watching series 3 of The Wire.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Sampler Girl finish & TUSAL

Today I actually have a stitching finish to share with you (once you have all recovered from the shock lol)

It’s taken a little longer than anticipated, but I have just finished Northanger Abbey by The Sampler Girl

I also have some WIPs to share with you.  Firstly Masquerade, I was going great guns on this design until I ran out of the Onyx thread.  Luckily Sheila sent me some that she had left over from this design to tide me over until the skein I ordered arrives.

And finally I’ve worked a little this weekend on Jardin Prive’s Sampler Aux Bouquet.  I’m stitching this over 2 on 40 count linen, using one thread of DMC. Apologies for the stray thread lol

I’ve done more stitching this last week or so than I have for the last month or so 😉 and as a result I have added quite a lot to my TUSAL container.

Good and bad

The good is that I have finally finished the monster transcription job that was taking up so much of my time. I like getting these huge transcriptions, because it does mean there is extra money coming in, which is extremely useful of course, but on the other hand they do seem to go on for ever and the further into the job I get the longer it seems to take me and the more I procrastinate and the harder I find it to knuckle down and get them done. I can say that by the end of this job I was completely sick of sitting in front of a computer screen, which is very odd for me as I really don’t know what I’d do without my computer LOL.

The bad is that once I had finished the job and started to get back to normal I came down with some kind of virus which has left me shattered and with a very sore throat and the most awful earache, so my plans for getting back to my stitching have been delayed a little because I have just been too tired to concentrate for any length of time. I only have two pics to share this week, firstly Masquerade which I worked on last Sunday for a little while


Pop over to Sheila’s blog and you will see that she is racing ahead of me in this SAL, but with a bit of luck I will catch up a little today.

Secondly, Northanger Abbey which I worked on last Tuesday – not far to go on this one! (Sorry for the blurry photo!)


Finally, it’s time for this months TUSAL, mine doesn’t look a lot different from last month really lol


I am very behind on blog reading and know that I will never catch up with everything I have missed (there were over 600 entries in my blog reader this morning!) but I will try to visit as many as I can.

I’m off to put my feet up for the afternoon and maybe try and catch Sheila up on Masquerade 😉


It’s that time of the month again – the Totally Useless SAL.

Terrible photo, taken on my iphone which has a pretty useless camera. The threads all look quite murky, but there are some pretty reds in there somewhere LOL