Wipocalypse update

I haven’t got too much to share in this months Wipocalypse update unfortunately, but today is the first day of ten whole days off work, which are desperately needed, and I’m intending on getting lots of stitching done over those ten days!

During March I worked on Ribbon Sampler and made some good progress. On 1st April Ribbon Sampler went back into the WIP drawer and was replaced by Sampler Aux Bouquets by Jardin Prive. Apologies for the extremely creased fabric!

I haven’t made that much progress yet but will update again before I go back to work.




March WIPocalypse

Time seems to have flown by since the last WIPocalypse update.  I know February is a shorter month and all, but it really was a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of month.

Since the last update I have had one small finish, which was Hearts in a Square designed by Claire.

I’ve also made a little progress, although not as much as I would have liked, on Brambles.

When saving this photograph to my hard drive I realised from the other progress pics I have saved that it is just over two years since I started this project!!  I can’t believe it’s that long ago!  However, since Brambles was February’s project and March is has now arrived it was time to choose another from my WIP cupboard, and believe me I was spoilt for choice 😉

Here’s the project which called to me the loudest this month…

Sampler Cove’s Ribbon Sampler and once again it’s been over two years since I started this project.

I think I’d better get off this computer and get stitching!

WIPocalypse update

Even though I had chosen five of my numerous WIPs to be my focus pieces for the time being, only one of them has seen the light of day since the start of the year. I am enjoying stitching on Moonlight Garden so much I think I may end up carrying on until it’s finished. It has the variety of speciality stitches, together with repeat patterns in the borders which make for easier stitching, the best of both worlds!

Here’s where I’m at as of earlier today


I took this a few hours ago, and since then I have finished off the right hand side outer and inner borders and have started on the next section of stitching under the white lacy effect part. I’m working on page 2 of the design so I’m not far off 50% done.

Plans for 2012

I can’t believe that the last time I updated this blog was way back in July! Since then I have barely picked up a needle or used my sewing machine. 2011 has been a very tough year for us for many reasons, and spare time for hobbies seemed difficult to find.

I did join a Christmas Ornament exchange onThe Gift of Stitching Magazine forum, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My exchange partner was Kate and I received a very pretty ornament from her. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the photo I took of the ornament I stitched for Kate, but you can see it on her blog. I stitched First Snow by Drawn Thread, a lovely freebie design that I have stitched a couple of times over the years.


For Christmas I received a lovely package from Claire, containing a French magazine which combines my two loves, stitching and quilting, a handmade bookmark and a couple of gorgeous hand dyed threads – thank you Claire!


As usually happens, the extended Christmas break from work renews my enthusiasm for stitching, it’s a time of the year both Phill and I use to completely re-charge our batteries. In particular this year we have both been working extremely hard and have had a lot of things going on outside of work to keep us on our toes. This year we really do need to unwind. He has spent the last few days playing his guitar and playing Call of Duty, while I have been sorting through my WIPs/UFOs – we have both been watching far to much television and eating far too much chocolate!

I have read on a few blogs about WIPocalypse, you can find more details on Measi’s blog, so I have decided to join and use 2012 to try and finish some of my WIP’s. Today I went through my stitching room and made a list of ALL my WIPs, some of which date back at least ten years! I was very surprised to discover that I have 28 WIPs – I thought it would be more ’-) I’ve taken a photograph of each of them so I can track what progress, if any, I manage to make on them. I have listed them all on the WIPocalypse page

Of the 28 I have chosen five to work on at the moment. I have no particular method for choosing which one to work on at any particular time, I’ll just go with whichever one takes my fancy.

  • Isabelle Vautier – L’automne. Small design from a book called Les Coeurs d’ Isa, received as a gift from Claire. This should be quick to finish.
  • The Drawn Thread – Moonlight Garden. This design involves a variety of speciality stitches, something to work on when I am in the mood for some variety.
  • Door Belles Needle Treasures – Do Not Disturb. This is very colourful and fun, and reminds me of my cat Ginger.
  • Jardin Prive – Sampler Aux Bouquet. Started as a SAL last year, but I didn’t get very far. A very delicate design, on 40 count fabric using one thread.
  • Chatelaine Designs – Celtic Garden. A massive design, quite complex, lots of speciality stitches, colour changes, silk threads and thousands of beads. Definitely something to stitch on a day where I have a lot of time.

It’s taken me over an hour to compose this post, as I had forgotten how to add links/photos etc so I’ll finish here, and go and browse a few blogs before settling down in front of the TV with one of my chosen projects.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2012 as much as I am!