Christmas Ornament Exchange

This year on the Jayne’s Attic Forum there is a Christmas Ornament Exchange, organised by Su. I wasn’t sure whether to take part as whilst I have stitched a few ornaments I have never actually got around to finishing them. I’m not very good at sewing (by hand or machine), but thought I’d bite the bullet and have a go. I could always ask my MIL for help if I got stuck!

This is the ornament that I made, which I have sent to the recipient, but I don’t think it’s arrived yet so I won’t mention any names on here. It’s actually a very small bag, lined with a similar colour fabric as the thread which is WDW 3860 Crimson, and the chart was designed by WIth My Needle, from one of the JCS Ornament Magazines. I was quite pleased with the finishing, the lining inside could have been a bit neater but I know where I went wrong so next time I stitch one the finish should be better.