Mumbles day out

Mumbles is a lovely village here in Swansea, very popular with locals and tourists alike.  I read through the Wiki entry for Mumbles, and I didn’t realise how many celebrities lived there or have properties there, the most famous being Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas who are regular visitors.  The promenade starts from the Marina area of the city and travels the whole length of Swansea Bay, ending at Mumbles Pier, a total of about five miles or so.  We didn’t walk the whole way, we drove to the village and then walked the rest of the way to the pier.

Here’s two friends enjoying the view

Mumbles lighthouse in the far distance.

Swansea Bay

The city centre of Swansea.  The tallest building you can see there is an apartment building, which has a restaurant at the top which looks out over the bay.  We were going to have lunch there, but neither my mum or I are that keen on heights and as it is the tallest building in Wales we didn’t think we’d do too well up there lol

Mumbles Lighthouse

Mumbles Lifeboat Station which is linked to the pier.  Unfortunately the pier was closed for refurbishment.

Mumbles Lighthouse.

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