Saturday update

Today has been such a busy day, I’ve been working, plus had to drive Phill to Barry to pick up his new car.  He has bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is lovely but it’s huge!!!  I drive a Mini Cooper so you can imagine how much of a difference there is between the two cars 🙂  I can’t wait to have a try at driving it but I think he may need a little while before he lets me have a go.  Men and their toys!!

Thursday evening was my WIP night in my rotation and I chose to carry on stitching Judy O’Dell’s Attic Collection Accessory book.  


It doesn’t actually look like I stitched much at all on it, but I filled in the green stitching in between the red/green lines.  

Last night was open night, and I carried on with Cirque des Carreaux.


I’m really pleased with how much I got done considering it was Friday night at the end of a long week LOL.

I’ve decided to start one of my new charts, after some gentle arm twisting LOL   Claire has one of the charts I’ve just received (Lettre a mon chat) in her stash and has kindly offered to keep me company while I stitch it.  Thank you Claire!  

I have lots of white and antique white linen to use and I have just paid another visit to my new favourite online shop, Univers Broderie, and bought the recommended threads, so as soon as they arrive I will be able to make a start.

For the rest of the day I’m going to put my feet up and work on Cirque des Triangles.  Jane, I hope you don’t have to work again this weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday update

  1. Lovely stitching Sandra – I like the threads you are using for Cirque des Carreaux. Yes I was working today but I have done a little stitching and will be back to it once I get off the computer….

  2. excellent progress on your Cirque des Carreaux Sandra and I guess that means I also need to sort out threads for Lettre à mon chat?
    Have plenty of fabric but not sure if I’m going to do it in recommended threads of go for something different.

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